From the marketing strategy to the signature on the lease contract

1. Consultion

We consult with owners and project developers about the commercial usage of properties, as well as new projects / project development, with the aim of a prompt letting.


2. Marketing

For every property / project we receive, we research thoroughly and regard the consideration the advantages and disadvantages of the marketing stretegy of the property, taking in to account the target group of our clients as well was the chosen strategy of our competitors.

Owing to a long-standing cooperation with an advertising agency, which is specialised in the property sector, it is possible for us to make noticeable positive effects to the properties and projects entrusted to us.

Regardless of the size and type of the property, we develop and create a strategy using the following tools:

Brand / Corporate design
Power Point Presentations
Neutral as well as tailor-made property / project films
Direct mail and Press releases

Thereafter, as the complexity of the marketing increases, so do the requirements of service and tenders. Furthermore, the facility costs, also knows as the "second lease fee", because of the ever-increasing energy costs, become even more important. It is possible for us, either during the building phase or after completion of the property, to produce a fully comprehensible facility-cost forecast prospective tenants.


3. Property agents

We see ourselves as the link between the client and agent. Property agent companies with a higher level of commitment and competence have gained relevance, in these times of the so called "tenant market".
However, due to the high number of properties / projects, it is not always possible for the property agents to offer the aforementioned with the focus and detail that they would like to.
The S.I.C. will accompany, maintain, inspire and coordinate with the agent beyond the normal level.


4. Prospective tenants

For pending presentations or property viewings, we will present you with the necessary know-how and previously mentioned marketing tools for your properties / projects, which will assist you in your negotiation with prospective tenants. We will answer all enquiries , create layout plans and negotiate, in agreement with the owner, the terms, right up to the point when the lease contract is signed.